What is dialogue marketing?

Dialogue marketing is a type of direct marketing. As the name suggests, it is about the direct dialogue between the company and the customer. The acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers are included in dialogue marketing.

The definition of dialogue marketing

Due to the changing legal situation, the form of marketing has been almost completely displaced in recent years. The background to this is the increasing data protection of customers, which requires that potential customers have to give their prior consent in order to be contacted over the phone. The classic, written way to the customer has almost disappeared, and e-mails via dialogue marketing are only possible if the customer takes the first step and writes to a company. This is why this form of dialogue marketing has been adapted to current requirements.

According to topbbacolleges, the German Dialog Marketing Association e. V. (DDV) defines dialogue marketing as follows:

“Dialogue marketing is the generic term for all marketing activities in which media are used with the intention of creating an interactive relationship with individuals. The aim is to induce an individual, measurable reaction (response) from the recipient. ”

New legal aspects must be taken into account in dialogue marketing

Conclusions of contracts may also only be used for dialogue marketers with the consent of the customer. If they have ticked the box for marketing offers, the company can contact the customer later about new offers.

Dialog marketing activities had to give way to a new marketing strategy: niche marketing. Because with the changed legal situation with regard to customer data, establishing contact has become much more difficult. At the same time, the development of the Internet offered new opportunities that are similar to classic marketing, but overlap at key points. Nevertheless, dialogue marketing shows clear differences to classic advertising campaigns, which currently only work with the watering can principle, which although appeals to many potential customers, produces insufficient results. These scatter losses are much lower in direct contact with the customer, which is advantageous when using modern media.

Dialog marketing thanks to internet-based dialog communication

Direct telephone contact has moved into the background, while the Internet has come to the fore. That is why internet-based communication channels are now available to replace traditional sales of yore. Nevertheless, direct contact with customers remains at the center of new sales opportunities. A contemporary profession was created especially for this purpose: the businessman for dialogue marketing. He deals with modern media and their possibilities and takes over the telephone customer acquisition (with prior consent).

Dialog marketing works with new strategies

In order to reach potential customers today, not only strategies, but above all sales specialists and advertising experts are required. More than ever, it is a matter of researching, analyzing and using the wishes and customer needs. In the evaluation, individually tailored offers are then created for customers. Only then does dialogue marketing come to the fore. The focus is on the user experience, positive customer experiences and their customer experiences. Because the goal is a long-term relationship between company and customer. Whether these are consumer goods or services is of secondary importance.

Customer needs at the center of marketing strategies

For these tasks, analyzes have to be created over and over again, which give a clear picture of customer satisfaction. So we’re talking about measurable results, which are primarily evaluated during support or a service hotline. A significant part of dialogue marketing therefore takes place in the background until all key figures are known in order to make customer-specific offers.

Spectrum of interaction with regard to dialogue marketing

The interaction between companies and customers needs close-knit relationships. Among other things, bonus programs or discount coupons are used for this purpose. They clearly show the interest and activity of long-term and new customers. Another possibility is to contact the customer by phone or email. Because all bonus programs are created under the premise that the executing company is allowed to contact the customer personally. The changed legal situation will therefore be implemented from the outset in these new strategies.

Other instruments are

  • Online advertisements in Internet portals
  • Radio or TV commercials
  • Promotional mailings
  • Loyalty cards and loyalty programs
  • Coupons in online and offline business
  • Search engine advertising, advertorial (SEA)
  • Newsletter and email marketing
  • Chatbots
  • Measure
  • Corporate events
  • Public festivities
  • presentations

Dialog marketing is based on clear goals

It is still about the direct connection between company and customers. Interaction is one of the most important elements, because the relationship or attitude to the product or brand is measurable and should be positively influenced in the long term. From the origin of telephone marketing over the Internet, two areas have developed:

  • Internet marketing including SEO and SEA
  • Dialog marketing through direct customer relationships

Primarily it is about the cognitive perception of the customers, which serve as the basis of the communication goals. Above all, it is positive presentations that are part of this modern marketing concept. Dialogue is made easy for the customer today. This means that the response behavior is simplified. This applies to both automated replies in chatbots and the service hotline. Often, financial incentives such as special discounts are triggered to trigger a reaction from the customer.

These response elements include, first and foremost, the money-back guarantee, early bird offers, coupon discounts or referrals. The customer’s feedback is prompt and produces the desired result. At the same time, offers such as the money-back guarantee inspire confidence. This means that the customer experience and its experiences are positively assigned, which leads to them choosing the product or service again and again. A stable quality in connection with positive customer experiences are part of dialogue marketing, which prevents the wastage of the watering can principle.

E-commerce and dialogue marketing

Tracking tools make it possible to record and evaluate user reactions. By using this data, profitable strategies can be developed that are related to the dialogue with the customer. In addition to email marketing, active online channels such as social media accounts are used in particular. For this reason, every company should also set up its own social media channels, because not only the reach can be built thanks to the presence in social networks. The customer dialogue also takes place here.

Networks such as Facebook now allow the use of various business areas in a targeted manner. The platform offers various options to publish discounts or time-limited specials as well as surveys.

Use dialogue marketing in the newsletter

Tracking also releases all important key figures in email marketing. The opening and click rates as well as integrated advertising links are recorded. The analysis shows which articles are particularly interesting and which are less suitable for email marketing. In addition, it is particularly useful in e-mails to give subscribers the opportunity to talk about the satisfaction of the newsletter in surveys.

What is dialogue marketing