What is a corporate blog?

A corporate blog is a blog that is run by a company. The marketing or communications department is usually responsible for creating and publishing the articles. However, this is increasingly being done by the company’s own employees, agencies or external authors. In contrast to normal blogs, corporate blogs are operated for marketing purposes.

Goals of a corporate blog

A corporate blog is a very widespread marketing measure, especially in the USA, but corporate blogs are also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Large companies such as Daimler, Ritter Sport and Yello Strom already have a successful corporate blog. Because the decisive advantage here is the direct contact between blogger or company and user. The goals of a corporate blog are good search engine rankings, lead generation and customer loyalty.A corporate blog enables the company to better respond to the target group and thus establish a connection. This is achieved through a familiar and relaxed approach, while a serious appearance is important on the official website. Before publishing the blog posts, the target group and the actual goal should first be defined.

This is how a corporate blog becomes successful

For a successful corporate blog, high-quality content is crucial so that users can be reached. This consists in particular of answers to important questions, possible solutions and insider knowledge. In addition to content with added value, a corporate blog must also meet SEO-relevant criteria in order to achieve better rankings. Therefore, the blog posts should also contain the relevant keywords.

In addition, a corporate blog can cover more critical topics that could potentially lead to negative PR. If so, the company can distance itself from the content as it is the blogger’s opinion. However, if the content leads to the desired success with the target group, the blog and thus the content can easily be agreed with the company.

However, a corporate blog requires some time and effort. Because a corporate blog only becomes established with users after a certain period of time and then reaches a larger number of users. The regular publication of blog posts plays an important role, as the corporate blog otherwise looks unprofessional and neglected. The success can be further increased by distributing the blog post via various social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Types of corporate blogs

Depending on the company’s goal, there are different types of corporate blogs. A distinction is made between the following:

  • Service blog
    Here the company offers the user additional information on its products. For example, a food manufacturer can publish its recipes or a hardware store can publish helpful tips on handicrafts.
  • Campaign blog
    These blogs are usually only operated for a short time and are intended to support certain campaigns. The blogs dealt, among other things, with further information on the product or are intended to attract attention even before a product is launched on the market.
  • Topic blog
    This blog only deals with a certain topic and is particularly suitable for companies that want to establish themselves as experts in a field.
  • Customer Relationship Blog
    With this blog, the focus is on building a community that is supposed to bind itself to the brand.


  • Increase in awareness and reach
  • Closer and longer-term customer loyalty
  • Establishing the company as an expert
  • Users are indirectly encouraged to buy
  • Diverse subject areas for target group-specific orientation


  • A corporate blog requires a lot more effort
  • Success takes a certain amount of time


According to gradphysics, a corporate blog can be a very powerful content marketing tool if a few points are kept in mind. The effort is a little higher and success usually only occurs after a certain period of time, but this measure enables a longer-term and closer bond between the user and the company. With high-quality content, the company can establish itself as an expert in a field, which leads to customer loyalty and acquisition. The SEO-optimized blog posts achieve an increase in reach and awareness thanks to the additional distribution on various social media channels. Corporate blogs are therefore particularly suitable for companies that rely on long-term marketing measures.

What is a corporate blog