What does Studying Abroad Bring?

Before you decide to go to a foreign school, you should consider whether you really feel up to studying abroad. If you are aiming for an international career, an MBA or master’s degree abroad is certainly a good prerequisite for this. A certain international experience, be it in a company or as a student, is becoming increasingly important for globally thinking and acting companies.

The experience gained abroad also brings with it international thinking and understanding of global networks and markets. This knowledge can also be very useful for local companies. In any case, it should be noted that there are immigration laws in many countries that require that a stay in another country be approved by the respective employer. Also keep in mind that a study program abroad will be very expensive. For this reason, you should think about financing your studies in good time.

In any case, studying abroad is the ideal way to work in the international field. It is best to choose a country that best suits individual needs. It is also important to be very selective when choosing the program so that you always get the best for yourself and your professional career.

Once you have decided on a particular country, start researching which business school is most likely to be located there. You should be clear about the focus of your career. The US and UK traditionally offer the most good MBA and master programs, but European and Asian programs are also becoming increasingly important.

To sum up :

If you need an internationally recognized MBA, then you should study abroad. However, if you primarily want to learn skills that you can use in your current job or if you are looking for a job in German-speaking countries, the best choice is a business school in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Where can I find addresses and information on scholarships for studying abroad?

Here are a few examples:

Fulbright Commission grant

The Fullbright Commission offers scholarships for US students and other nations who would like to complete a postgraduate degree. The scholarships cover the cost of tuition and part of the cost of living for one year. This commission is the American flagship for the promotion of education and operates internationally in more than 100 countries with bilateral agreements. More information can be found at http://www.fulbright.state.gov/

Rotary International grant

Rotary is an organization of people from all industries who have come together worldwide to provide humanitarian services and to promote peace and international understanding. Paul P. Harris founded the world’s first service club, The Rotary Club of Chicago, Illinois, on February 23, 1905. The name “Rotary” derives from early practice of meeting in the rotation system in the various member offices. More information at http://www.rotary.org/

Marshall Scholarship

The Marshall Scholarship is one of the most popular grants a US student can receive to study in the UK. The scholarship covers the period of 2 years, every year 40 students receive this scholarship. Applications can be submitted online at http://www.marshallscholarship.org.

Commonwealth Scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is distributed to United States students. Like the Fulbright and Rotary Fellowships, it is a very prestigious grant. The amount that is paid depends heavily on the country. More information at http://www.csfp-online.org

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The organization of Bill and Malinda Gates enables many students outside the United States to study at the University of Cambridge. This is a full scholarship that includes tuition and stay. More info at http://www.gatesscholar.org

Rhodes scholarship

Similar to the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, the Rhodes Scholarship is linked to a university, Oxford University in the UK and also covers all relevant costs. The grant is awarded by the Rhodes Trust. Information at http://www.rhodesscholar.org/

World Bank Scholarship

The World Bank grants scholarships and research credits for postgraduate students in development-related areas to providers from different countries. More information at http://web.worldbank.org

In addition to international organizations and communities, national providers offer information and databases on scholarships such as the British Council ( http://www.britishcouncil.org ) in the UK, DAAD ( http://www.daad.de ) in Germany, EduFance ( http://www.campusfrance.org/fr/ ) in France, Eduespana ( http://www.eduespa.org ) in Spain and ( http://www.educationnz.org ) in New Zealand.

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Where can I apply for a scholarship?

Typically, grants are awarded by government institutions, business schools or universities, private companies or communities. Most are associated with some prerequisites and requirements such as some are awarded to students who choose unusual study programs, some are paid to minorities, many require a minimum of special qualifications and some are simply adapted to the financial needs of the students.

As soon as you have narrowed down the selection of business schools or programs, it is important to find out which scholarship options are available for the respective programs. The Deutsche Bank Scholarship for Women awards £ 20,000 to candidates in the London School of Business MBA program. There are similar options for MIP Milan students: The Business School awards grants of € 35,000 to Third World students who enroll at the MIP for the Master Strategic Program.

The first point of contact for a possible scholarship should be the business schools and universities, as some of them themselves award scholarships. Many institutions and private organizations have set themselves the goal of promoting students with special skills and talents. Here are some of the most important scholarship institutions:

QS Scholarships

QS Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd. is an international network for education and careers. Annual grants for MBA and Masters programs worth $ 1.2 million. Prerequisite for the application is participation in one of the trade fairs QS World MBA Tour, QS World Grad School Tour or QS Top MBA Connect 1-2-1, which also take place annually in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The scholarships are exclusively for visitors to the trade fairs and are awarded in cooperation with business schools. QS also offers its own grants, such as the QS Community or QS Leadership Scholarship.

MBA scholarships from e-fellows.net

The e-fellows.net career network, together with renowned partner universities, awards MBA grants worth over 180,000 euros. Not only scholars and alumni from e-fellows.net and participants in the e-fellows.net MBA Day can apply for an MBA scholarship, but also all other MBA aspirants who meet the criteria.

Scholarships from Praktikawelten

In cooperation with some sponsors such as Mapfre Assistance, Explorer Fernreisen and INITIATIVE auslandszeit, Praktikawelten recognized these increased demands on future employees and jointly initiated the awarding of numerous scholarships abroad. The scholarships are aimed primarily at young adults (aged 18 and over (at the start of the trip)), for whom the dream of going abroad often fails due to the lack of financial resources.

What does Studying Abroad Bring