Visit Worth Seeing Cities in Ukraine

Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of the country Ukraine


Take a group tour through Kiev, the capital and at the same time the largest city of Ukraine. Experience Kiev, the “Jerusalem of the North” as part of a round trip and visit the most important highlights such as St. the house with the chimeras, the government building, the Chernobyl museum, the Kiev TV tower, the National Museum of History and other landmarks that you will never forget. Take part in a city trip to Kiev and enjoy the new impressions.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev

Risen from the ruins – this is especially true for the pearl of Ukraine, for the St. Sophia Cathedral on Volodimirskaya in Kiev. This magnificent building, which is now a museum, also fascinated UNESCO experts. Today the cathedral is a part of the world cultural heritage. Constant damage has shaped the history of this former church since the 11th century.

Model on the Bosporus

According to tradition, it was Grand Duke Vladimir who returned home from a trip to Constantinople, today’s Istanbul, in the early 11th century and was so impressed by the splendor of Hagia Sophia that two things occurred to him. He wanted to introduce Christianity in Kiev and build a building whose architectural orientation was based on his inspiration on the Bosporus. Very soon, as the seat of the Orthodox community, the cathedral became a religious and social center in ancient Russia. Originally this was a cruciform church with seven domes, but the permanent destruction in the Middle Ages gradually changed its external shape.

Frescoes with biblical scenes

The interior alone has hardly changed over the centuries and today it delights visitors from all over the world. They are particularly impressed by the well-preserved frescoes and mosaics with biblical scenes. They all date from the 11th century. During this time, the wooden cathedral also served as the final resting place of the rulers. In the 17th century an Italian master builder was commissioned with the reconstruction, but another destruction by the Tartars and a fire hit the church again.

The beautiful view from the bell tower

The four-story bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral offers a magnificent view of Kiev’s old town. Bogdan Chmelinski, the hero of the liberation struggle against Poland, was once celebrated by the population on Sophienplatz. A memorial was erected there in his honor. From here it is only a few steps to St. Michael’s Monastery and Vladimir Hill.


According to topschoolsintheusa, the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv is located on the Desna and has about 300,000 inhabitants. The city was founded around the 7th century, making it one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. The city got its name from its prince Tschorny. According to the chronicles, it was first mentioned in the year 907.

The story of Chernihiv

In the 14th century Chernihiv belonged to Lithuania. After Moscow’s victory over Lithuania, Chernihiv became part of the Moscow State, then it belonged to Poland, and in 1654 it was annexed to Russia. The 12 cannons of the bastion of the Chernihiv fortress (16th-18th centuries) have been preserved so far. The mighty wall of this fortress reminds locals and visitors of the city’s rich history.

The city of Chernihiv is divided into the two districts of Desna and Novosavod. The old center of the city is called Detynez. The historical and well-preserved buildings of the city include the Christ-Transfiguration Cathedral from the 11th century, the Borys and Gleb Cathedral from the 12th century and the Katharinen Church, consecrated in 1715. The monasteries of Chernihiv are also well known: the Jeletsky Annunciation Monastery and the Trinity Monastery with the Church of Elias. Under this church are the mysterious Caves of Antony, which are considered to be one of the main attractions of the city. Also worth seeing are the city’s informative museums: the historical museum, the art museum, the museum of decorative folk art of Chernihiv country and the M. Kozjubynsky literary museum.

Chernihiv is the city of education and science. There are many scientific research institutes and project planning offices here. The doors of the educational and technological universities and the 8 technical schools are wide open for school leavers. Anyone visiting Chernihiv will have a wonderful time and many exciting excursions in this ancient city. Vacationers will immerse themselves in history and traditions and inquire about the interesting facts from the centuries-old history of Chernihiv.

Lviv old town

The Ukrainian city of Lviv is located on the border with Poland and has around 730,000 inhabitants. Lviv has a beautiful old town, which is characterized by a mixture of Polish, Armenian, German and Galician architecture. There are cozy jazz bars lined up next to traditional coffee houses and chocolate factories next to modern nightclubs. Each house is adorned with pretty garlands of flowers and since 1998 the historical center of the city of Lviv has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Many small markets sell fruit, records, old books and fresh flowers. Lviv is a well-known student city and has four Ukrainian universities. The city in Ukraine makes a very youthful impression on every visitor due to the large number of students. There is a lot of partying and drinking, but in Lviv there are hardly any tourist crowds with whom you have to share cities like Budapest and Prague all year round. Lemberg (Lviv) is small enough to be explored comfortably on foot and is so multifaceted that there is something new to discover in every district.

There is a lot to experience in this city, especially from a culinary point of view. Lviv has a very old coffee house tradition. Everywhere there are cafes and roasters that offer a wide variety of coffees and prepare an excellent cappuccino. The coffee houses outbid each other with their cakes and strudel creations. A particularly good address is Cukernia on Staroievreiska Street, which offers all the goodies you can imagine. For some time now, every Lviv café has been setting up a small outdoor terrace, which is decorated with beautiful bouquets of flowers. This not only looks colorful and inviting, but also separates you from the lively old town if you want to chat and relax with a delicious afternoon coffee.

The Ukrainian city of Lviv