Visa to Maldives

According to a2zgov, citizens of Ukraine who arrived in the Maldives do not need a visa. The visa is affixed to the passport upon arrival free of charge, valid for 30 days from the date of entry into the country. Citizens of Ukraine can visit the Maldives without an entry visa, presenting a foreign passport, return tickets with a specified date of departure, vouchers for tourist services at the passport control.

From 01.01.2012 Male International Airport introduced an additional fee of 25 US dollars for all passengers departing on international flights from the airport.

Payment is collected in US dollars at the time of international check-in or in cash and/or credit card. In case of cancellation / rescheduling of the flight, the passenger must pick up a copy of the airport receipt with the stamp “valid for next flight”

Customs formalities and airport fees


  1. Import of any narcotic substances, including psychotropic ones;
  2. Importation of pornographic materials recorded for viewing video cassettes with films, etc. Only sealed cassettes are allowed;
  3. Importation of anti-Islamic literature;
  4. Import of military paraphernalia;
  5. Import of any pork products;
  6. Import of alcohol;
  7. Import of animals;
  8. Importation of gunpowder/explosives/firearms/stabbing, cutting and spearfishing weapons. An airport tax of USD 25 will be charged when leaving the country

Necessary information for tourists traveling to the Maldives


In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Maldives and the rules established in hotels, it is strictly prohibited:

  • breaking, tearing living and dead corals in the ocean and near the shore, damaging shells and bringing them to the surface. All these activities are prohibited by law! Penalties apply for violations!
  • to fish near the islands. for this purpose, fishing is organized in hotels, both for ordinary and large non-commercial fish;
  • spearfishing is strictly prohibited;
  • Throw empty cans, tin, glass and plastic bottles and other rubbish on the islands. use the trash bins provided for this.
  • It is forbidden to visit the capital of Male and the islands where the locals live in beachwear. It is recommended to wear clothes that cover the body from the shoulder to the knee.
  • nudism and topless ( topless ) are prohibited by law! Penalties apply for violations!

Visa to Maldives