Top Engineering Schools in Nevada

Short for Nevada, NV is a state located in United States of America. On this site, we offer detailed profile of top engineering schools in the state of Nevada. Please follow the links below to find admissions information of each college of engineering in Nevada or see brief enrollment information on the following table.

  • Alphabetical list of all counties, boroughs, and parishes in Nevada. Plus top counties by population based on Census data from Nevada. Check localcollegeexplorer for 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities in Nevada.

University of Nevada Las Vegas Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

2022-2023 Enrollment 4505 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154
Total graduate engineering enrollment 240
Master’s degree full-time 65
Master’s degree part-time 112
Ph.D. full-time 11
Ph.D. part-time 52
2019 Graduates
Total graduates 94
Total number of master’s graduates 77
Percent international master’s graduates 23.4%
Percent minority master’s graduates 11.7%
Percent female master’s graduates 27.3%
Total number of Ph.D. graduates 17
Percent international Ph.D. graduates 76.5%
Percent minority Ph.D. graduates 0.0%
Percent female Ph.D. graduates 0.0%
Program Offerings
Programs/courses offered aerospace, biomedical, civil, computer science, electrical, materials, mechanical, nuclear, other

University of Nevada Reno College of Engineering

2022-2023 Enrollment 1664 N Virginia St MSC 0256, Reno, NV 89557
Total graduate engineering enrollment 256
Master’s degree full-time 60
Master’s degree part-time 87
Ph.D. full-time 46
Ph.D. part-time 63
2019 Graduates
Total graduates 78
Total number of master’s graduates 71
Percent international master’s graduates 42.3%
Percent minority master’s graduates 19.7%
Percent female master’s graduates 16.9%
Total number of Ph.D. graduates 7
Percent international Ph.D. graduates 57.1%
Percent minority Ph.D. graduates 14.3%
Percent female Ph.D. graduates 14.3%
Program Offerings
Programs/courses offered biomedical, chemical, civil, computer engineering, computer science, electrical, engineering science and engineering physics, environmental, materials, mechanical