Top Engineering Schools in Connecticut

Short for Connecticut, CT is a state located in United States of America. On this site, we offer detailed profile of top engineering schools in the state of Connecticut. Please follow the links below to find admissions information of each college of engineering in Connecticut or see brief enrollment information on the following table.

Connecticut is a state in the northeastern United States and part of the region of New England. Connecticut was one of the thirteen colonies that rebelled against the United Kingdom during the American Revolutionary War. The state bears the official nickname The Constitution State, which was adopted by law in 1959, and is also called the Provision State.

  • Alphabetical list of all counties, boroughs, and parishes in Connecticut. Plus top counties by population based on Census data from Connecticut. Check localcollegeexplorer for 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities in Connecticut.

University of Bridgeport School of Engineering

2022-2023 Enrollment 221 University Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604
Total graduate engineering enrollment 1,479
Master’s degree full-time 885
Master’s degree part-time 577
Ph.D. full-time 10
Ph.D. part-time 7
2019 Graduates
Total graduates 302
Total number of master’s graduates 302
Percent international master’s graduates 98.7%
Percent minority master’s graduates 1.3%
Percent female master’s graduates 14.9%
Total number of Ph.D. graduates N/A
Percent international Ph.D. graduates N/A
Percent minority Ph.D. graduates N/A
Percent female Ph.D. graduates N/A
Program Offerings
Programs/courses offered computer engineering, computer science, electrical, engineering management, mechanical, other

University of Connecticut School of Engineering

2022-2023 Enrollment Storrs, CT 06269
Total graduate engineering enrollment 550
Master’s degree full-time 136
Master’s degree part-time 105
Ph.D. full-time 266
Ph.D. part-time 43
2019 Graduates
Total graduates 128
Total number of master’s graduates 77
Percent international master’s graduates 32.5%
Percent minority master’s graduates 14.3%
Percent female master’s graduates 23.4%
Total number of Ph.D. graduates 51
Percent international Ph.D. graduates 68.6%
Percent minority Ph.D. graduates 5.9%
Percent female Ph.D. graduates 11.8%
Program Offerings
Programs/courses offered biomedical, chemical, civil, computer science, electrical, environmental, materials, mechanical, other

Yale University School of Engineering & Applied Science

2022-2023 Enrollment 17 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06511
Total graduate engineering enrollment 188
Master’s degree full-time 11
Master’s degree part-time 5
Ph.D. full-time 172
Ph.D. part-time 0
2019 Graduates
Total graduates 97
Total number of master’s graduates 67
Percent international master’s graduates 47.8%
Percent minority master’s graduates 10.4%
Percent female master’s graduates 38.8%
Total number of Ph.D. graduates 30
Percent international Ph.D. graduates 70.0%
Percent minority Ph.D. graduates 6.7%
Percent female Ph.D. graduates 36.7%
Program Offerings
Programs/courses offered biomedical, chemical, electrical, environmental, mechanical, other