Tenerife’s Travel Destinations



The village of Garachico has a handsome Lookout.

Traditional Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz was the first real beach holiday destination in the Canary Islands , to which rich Englishmen traveled as early as the early 19th century. History can be seen in the traditional luxury hotels located on the palm-lined promenade to this day.

In Puerto de la Cruz you can visit, for example, the botanical garden set up in the late 18th century, tour the idyllic quarters surrounding the port and Plaza del Charco, and swim in the small Playa Jard lava beach or the Lido swimming pool, for example.

In this port city, tourists are especially fascinated by the authentic Canarianism and village atmosphere that can be better reached in Puerto de la Cruz than the coastal destinations of the south. Puerto de la Cruz is much calmer and is popular with seniors and families.

Puerto de la Cruz is also home to Tenerife’s most famous zoo, Loro Parque.

Sunny Playa de las Americas

Playa de la Americas is the largest resort in southern Tenerife with all the ingredients for a good beach holiday: stunning sandy beaches, sun, restaurants, bars and a wide range of shopping opportunities.

The heart of Playa de las Americas is a 12-kilometer promenade that starts at Los Cristianos and continues through Playa de las Americas all the way to the new hotel area of ​​Fañabe. On one side of the beach boulevard you will find the sea with its beaches and on the other side restaurants, bars and shops.

Playa de las Americas is the sunniest destination in Tenerife, where many people also find the best beaches on the island.

Los Cristianos – Americas’ more traditional neighbor

Growing up with Playa de las American, Los Cristianos is as lively as its neighbor, but the atmosphere is more Canarian. The prices are also a bit cheaper.

The narrow streets of Los Cristianos are full of small boutiques that spend a siesta in the Spanish way and close their doors in the afternoon. There are also many restaurants and hotels here, and the area is bordered by beaches.

In Los Cristianos, next to the beach, is the center of nightlife and restaurants, San Telmo, where locals go partying. There are many good restaurants and bars in San Telmo.

Costa Adeje is a new tourist area

According to Abbreviation Finder, Tenerife’s most stylish and modern hotels and services can be found in the Costa Adeje and Fañabe area. Luxury hotels, branded boutiques and well-kept beaches tell the new wave of tourism.

During the day you can walk to Playa de las Americas from the beaches of Fañabe, but in the evening you should prefer a bus or taxi. On the other side of the resort is the fishing village of La Caleta, which can also be reached on foot.

Los Gigantes is a peaceful holiday destination

Los Gigantes is a quiet destination for about half an hour from Las Americas located, which is made from Finland packages. Compared to resorts in the south, the atmosphere is much more sleepy.

The most dominant feature of Los Gigantes is the steep cliffs that rise directly from the sea. Traditional light sandy beaches cannot be found here.

Boat trips to the village of Masca, for example, depart from the lively port. There are also a few restaurants in the harbor.

Road volcano and national park

The hallmark of Tenerife is the island’s magnificent volcano Teide, which offers tourists a lot to see and do. Teide is the highest volcano in all of Spain, accessible in good weather from the crater area of ​​Las Cañadas along the cable car.

Volcano You can explore the landscapes and lava fields of the roads, for example, by renting a car. Even children enjoy exploring the real volcano. However, when driving on winding mountain roads, you should exercise caution and familiarize yourself with local traffic regulations in advance.

Teide National Park is located at an altitude of two thousand meters in the area of ​​the crater of Las Cañadas and offers hiking terrain for a wide variety of hikers. If you wish, you can visit the top of the volcano by cable car or hike up to an altitude of about 3,700 meters. To climb to the highest peak requires a permit, which must be obtained in advance.

The oldest town on the island is La Laguna


The historic center of La Laguna with its narrow streets and colorful buildings is perhaps one of Tenerife’s most fascinating sights. La Laguna, Tenerife’s oldest city, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.

There are small shops and cupolas along the narrow alleys of La Laguna. There is also a lively nightlife in the university town – if you want to experience authentic Canarian nightlife, head to the bar tour of La Laguna.

It is easy to take a day trip to La Laguna from places like Santa Cruz or Puerto de la Cruz.

The capital of Santa Cruz

The capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, is not a dream destination for the traveler. However, many tourists make a day trip to the city: Santa Cruz has large shopping malls with popular chain stores, as well as an office in El Corte Ingles, Spain’s largest department store chain.

Santa Cruz’s most interesting landmark is the Auditorio de Tenerife, which is architecturally reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. In Santa Cruz, you can also pop in to see what local life is like in an ordinary Canarian city.

Santa Cruz is easily reached by bus or rental car from the resorts of the south. The journey takes just over an hour.

Stunning scenery Masca

The small mountain village of Masca offers perhaps the most spectacular views of Tenerife. The winding mountain roads lead to the popular little village, which makes the driver hold on tight to the steering wheel. There are a few souvenir shops and a restaurant in the village.

Masca has a popular hiking trail from the village down to the beach, from where you can return to the resorts by boat if you wish. Of course, the route can also be hiked back up, but a double run already requires a tougher condition.

Neighboring island La Gomera

A day trip from Tenerife to the small island of La Gomera is easy, either on your own or with a guide. Ferries to La Gomera leave from the port of Los Cristianos.

The small and scenic La Gomera is dominated by the Garajonay Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hiking is one of La Gomera’s most popular activities. On the island, hike in the middle of beautiful nature and stop at the picturesque villages that run along the route.

Although La Gomera has a relaxed and traditional atmosphere, the island has all modern facilities. In the capital San Sebastian you can learn about the history of Christopher Columbus.