Study Regional Studies in Latin America Abroad

Names like Brazil , Cuba or Argentina promise plenty of sun, breathtaking nature and Latin American joie de vivre. No wonder South America is a dream destination for many high school graduates. Those who have got to know the countries on a trip are often so fascinated that they want to learn more about the language and culture there. One way to do this is to study courses in the area of ​​regional studies in Latin America.

Course structure and content

Regional Studies Latin America, Latin American Studies, Regional Studies Latin America – the names of the study programs that deal with the countries of Latin America are very different. The content of the programs is also complex , just like the continent itself. The students deal with the language and culture of individual regions as well as with the history , economy and politics of Latin America. The individual universities set different research priorities and offer the subject in different constellations:

  • as part of a two-subject bachelor’s degree with another subject, e.g. economics , political science or ethnology
  • as a minor , with a major in Spanish or geography


According to LAWSCHOOLSINUSA, an important part of the bachelor’s program takes the language practice one. At most universities, students have the option of choosing between Spanish or Portuguese . Basic language skills are often required. At some universities, however, it is also possible to take a beginner’s course before starting your studies or in the first semesters.

Depending on the focus of study, there are additional subjects from the areas of geography, cultural and social sciences , political science or economics. The seminars have names such as Latin American colonial history, travel literature from the Amazon or organized crime in Mexico . At some universities, students have the opportunity to learn indigenous languages.


For students who are later aiming for a management position or an academic career, a master’s degree after the bachelor’s degree is ideal. Depending on the university, there is the opportunity to participate in the master to study a range as political, linguistic or cultural studies specialize . Some of the master’s programs are internationally oriented and are partly conducted in Spanish or Portuguese.

Study requirements

Applicants should not only be enthusiastic about Latin America, but also have an interest in historical, economic and political contexts. Knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese is not compulsory at all universities, but it does prove to be helpful. Knowledge of English should be available in any case in order to understand the technical literature, some of which is in English.

Regional Studies Latin America – Jobs and Occupational Fields

A degree in regional studies in Latin America does not provide training for a specific professional field. Many students dream of taking up a profession after their studies in which they have the opportunity to deal practically with Latin America. Positions in development cooperation , at an international organization or an NGO are sought-after . Applicants should have very good language skills and experience abroad. Internships completed in addition to your studies often make it easier to start your career.

Further fields of work with an indirect connection to Latin America are tourism and cultural exchange . Graduates work there

  • as a specialist and manager in cultural program work in Goethe Institutes
  • as a research assistant in museums
  • as an employee in educational institutions related to Latin America
  • in public relations for tour operators

Working as a specialist journalist or Latin America expert in a global company is also conceivable. Students with a master’s degree also have the opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree and pursue an academic career.

Not without studying abroad

A longer stay in Latin America is compulsory for students studying Latin America. One or two semesters abroad provide experience and foreign language skills that are helpful for studying and starting your career.

In addition, a stay abroad in a Latin American country offers the opportunity to gain direct experience with other cultures . Students also have the opportunity to make international contacts and develop personally.

Study Regional Studies in Latin America