Study Mechatronics Abroad

Smartphones that recognize our faces, respond to voice commands and automatically show us the shortest route to the nearest supermarket? Already commonplace. Just like increasingly intelligent and powerful coffee machines, vending machines or cars. This is made possible by the mechatronics technician.

Mechatronics are engineers who specialize in the interface between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT . In this way they develop machines that are controlled by “intelligent” electronic systems. As a subject, mechatronics initially belonged to the field of mechanical engineering.

Course content in mechatronics

In the course of the rapid development of information technology, however, the subject has become more and more important in recent years. Mechatronics, the key technology of our century , is an independent course of study at a large number of universities and technical colleges.

Anyone interested in studying mechatronics should definitely have a passion for technology and enjoy tinkering. Working with the computer is crucial, which is why applicants at best an affinity for IT to bring. Anyone who also had good school grades in subjects such as math and physics is in good hands with mechatronics.

In the bachelor’s degree

At the beginning of their bachelor’s degree, students are introduced to the basics of engineering . The curriculum includes subjects such as mathematics, physics, computer science and electrical engineering. In the further course of their studies, the students expand their specialist knowledge .

Possible topics are, for example, microcomputer technology or precision engineering. At most universities, students can focus on certain products such as robots or work areas such as production. The curriculum is rounded off by subjects such as business administration or technical English, which are indispensable in everyday working life.

In the master’s degree

Almost a third of all students follow a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree. This prepares you for a career in science and research as well as for management positions in business. As in the bachelor’s degree, the universities offer different focus areas , such as precision engineering or micromechatronics.

Career prospects for mechatronics technicians

According to USPRIVATESCHOOLSFINDER, Mechatronic systems can be used in all industries – from the automotive to the pharmaceutical industry. Mechatronics engineers can be used as cross-departmental generalists . As a project manager, you coordinate entire projects and design intelligent electronic devices with the help of specialists, for example computer scientists or mechanical engineers.

However, depending on the focus of study and career progression, mechatronics engineers can also be used as specialists themselves . You then do not devote yourself to the project as a whole, but take on special tasks such as programming new software . However, mechatronics technicians are not only available as developers in research offices and laboratories, they also take on other areas of responsibility.

For example, you monitor production , carry out quality controls or work in sales and customer service. In addition to the private sector, mechatronics engineers also work in government research departments, in scientific research and teaching, for authorities and in professional and business associations.

Study mechatronics internationally

The work of mechatronics engineers not only requires extensive specialist knowledge, but often also foreign language skills and intercultural skills. Because the engineers often work in international teams and many companies have customers or production facilities abroad.

In order to be optimally prepared for these requirements, it is advisable to study one or more semesters abroad. Students train their foreign language skills and other skills, such as working in international teams. You also have the opportunity to build up a network of international contacts at an early stage .

Study Mechatronics

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