Study Mechanical Engineering Abroad

Export hit machines: Every year Germany sells machines to the value of over 120 billion euros all over the world. This makes mechanical engineering one of the most important German industrial sectors .

And one of the most innovative: The patents registered each year range from the smallest electrical devices for medical technology to intelligent robots and new systems for reactor technology. Almost every branch of industry is at least indirectly dependent on innovations in mechanical engineering . That makes mechanical engineering one of the most important engineering disciplines of all.

Development of the mechanical engineering subject

According to TOP-MBA-UNIVERSITIES, the training to become a mechanical engineer takes place at universities and technical colleges. Due to the variety of work areas and areas of application , the subject has become very divided in recent decades. Enrollment is possible at many universities for general mechanical engineering.

In the course of the course, you will then specialize in one of the many sub-areas . The choices include vehicle technology , ship technology , nautical engineering , mechatronics , aerospace technology and production technology . Some universities also offer these specialty areas as independent courses.

Course content in undergraduate studies

Since they belong to the field of engineering, all courses have in common the basic education in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics . There are also technical subjects such as process engineering, technical mechanics or construction theory. Also, computer science takes in all courses an important place, because without mechanical computer technology has now become unthinkable.

In the further course of their studies, the students deepen their knowledge in their specialist area . Depending on the respective specialization, different subjects such as factory planning, energy technology or microcomputer technology are on the curriculum. The sustainable production and environmental protection occupies an important place in all subject areas. The specialist knowledge is rounded off by subjects such as business administration or technical English, which prepare the students for their later professional life.

In the master’s degree

If you are aiming for a scientific career or a management position , you can add a master’s degree to the bachelor’s degree. In the master’s program, students deepen the knowledge they have already acquired. In addition, there is again the opportunity to specialize in a certain subject area.

What do I need to study mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering students should definitely have a strong technical interest and an affinity for computer science . It is also helpful for studying if you have basic knowledge in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics. Knowledge of English is also desirable, as some of the specialist literature is written in English.

Career prospects for mechanical engineers

According to the wide range of subjects, the later areas of application for mechanical engineers are also diverse . A large proportion of the graduates are placed directly in the many medium-sized and large companies in the field of plant and mechanical engineering:

  • in the automotive industry
  • in aerospace engineering
  • in the shipping industry
  • in the supply industry

Around half of all graduates remain in the research and development department after completing their studies . They work in the research laboratories of the respective companies and develop new products there or improve existing machines and systems. But also the monitoring of the production, the quality control , the project management , the customer service and the sales can belong to the employment area of ​​mechanical engineers.

Alternative employers

In addition to the industrial companies already mentioned, graduates can also be employed in the public service or in professional and business associations . Some of the mechanical engineers also work in engineering offices or at some point set up their own engineering office, as consultants or experts. Master’s graduates in particular have the opportunity to stay at the university and pursue an academic career.

Study mechanical engineering internationally

Since the industry is strongly export-oriented, many mechanical engineers work professionally on the international stage. In order to be able to negotiate with customers from all over the world or to monitor production facilities abroad, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and intercultural skills are essential.

One or more semesters abroad can make a decisive contribution to acquiring this knowledge, which is so important for professional life. The expansion of specialist knowledge, the establishment of international contacts and personal development are also important motivations for spending part of your studies abroad.

Study Mechanical Engineering