Study Marketing Abroad

The three stripes on the training pants and the silver star on the bonnet – both are symbols for successful brands. Decisive for their popularity: the right marketing. And that’s more than just advertising.

What is marketing

Marketing is a sub-area of business administration . All activities of a company that increase sales are referred to as marketing :

  • precise market analysis
  • Adaptation of the product range to the needs of customers
  • a clever pricing policy
  • distribution
  • Promotional activities
  • public relation

According to TOPMBADIRECTORY, marketing prepares students for these extensive tasks. It is offered as an independent course at numerous universities and technical colleges . It is also possible to focus on marketing within a business administration degree .

Theory and practice in the bachelor’s degree

The bachelor’s degree begins with subjects such as accounting, controlling, economics or business law . There is an introduction to the basics of marketing. Students can already get a taste of practical experience there in the course of project work :

  • Carry out and evaluate customer surveys
  • Develop competitive strategies
  • Determine prices

In the higher semesters, students can then concentrate on a sub-area of ​​marketing that interests them particularly. Depending on the university, different specializations such as international marketing, customer management or online marketing are offered.

Specialization in the master’s degree

If you want to work in management positions later, you should add a master’s degree to your bachelor ’s degree . In this, the content from the bachelor’s degree is expanded and deepened. At most universities, students can further specialize in a certain area of ​​work , for example business management or international marketing.

What requirements do I need to study marketing?

A great interest in economic contexts is an advantage as a prerequisite for a successful degree. In addition, good math and English skills are required . The master’s courses in particular are partly taught in the international business language of English.

Marketing jobs: spoiled for choice

Companies in all industries depend on successful marketing concepts. The career prospects for graduates are accordingly diverse.

Large companies employ entire marketing departments . Graduates there are often only responsible for part of the large field of marketing, such as public relations or sales .

Medium-sized and small companies, on the other hand, often employ a smaller number of marketing experts who then take care of all marketing activities.

Advertising and communication

Other classic employers are advertising and communication agencies that look after various customers. It is not uncommon for graduates to venture into self-employment after a few years of professional experience and set up their own agency .

Cities and municipalities, non-profit associations, parties and NGOs nowadays also depend on marketing experts in order to assert themselves in the market. Management consultancies and market research institutes also employ marketing graduates. Master’s graduates can also take the step into research or an academic career at the university.

Internationality and studying abroad

Internationally operating companies have to develop internationally oriented marketing strategies. This is the only way to make profits in all sales markets. The marketing experts must therefore be familiar with international markets and marketing strategies and have perfect foreign language skills.

This additional qualification can be acquired in one or more semesters abroad or even during an entire degree abroad with a degree. In addition, a longer stay abroad naturally opens up an insight into other cultures and the chance to make contacts all over the world.

Study Marketing