San Francisco, California

According to lawschoolsinusa, San Francisco succeeds in captivating visitors immediately and without any special effort. The city of lovers, the mild Mediterranean beauty dipped in pastel colors lures with bridges, cable cars, hills and Victorian wooden houses, Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown and huge beaches in the north. You know all those movies and TV series that have used the city’s great scenery. Many visitors come back because they can’t escape this flair – and certainly don’t want to. San Francisco is one of the cosmopolitan cities whose embedding in a magnificent natural landscape results in a dreamlike overall picture. There aren’t many cities in this world that do that – City by the Bay is definitely one of them.

The northern Californian city experienced its first boom in the 18th century, at the time of the great gold rush. In the 1960s, the hippie movement left a lasting mark on San Francisco. Probably the most famous landmark of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. But what would San Francisco be without its vibrant neighborhoods? One of the most famous districts is Chinatown. With around 80,000 residents, it is one of the largest Chinese districts outside of China.

The cultural diversity that exists in San Francisco is also reflected in the cuisine: In addition to the ethnic cuisine, there is a colorful cross-section of “California cuisine”. In addition, first-class wines from the region are served.

Location and Size
San Francisco is located in San Francisco County. Around 480 km² of the county’s total area of ​​600 km² are bodies of water.

Around 800,000 people live in San Francisco. The population of the entire San Francisco Bay Area is around 6 million.

by plane
San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is 16 miles south of San Francisco.

Tourism In
2015 more than 18 million guests visited San Francisco. Around 75% were tourists and around 10% were business travellers. The majority of international guests come from Canada, followed by Great Britain and Australia. Visitors spent nearly $11 billion in San Francisco.

Tourism is the largest industry in San Francisco. “The City” has around 33,000 hotel rooms and is also one of the world’s most popular conference locations. The offer ranges from simple “bed and breakfast” hotels to top luxury hotels.

The climate in San Francisco is typical of the entire northern California coast. Daytime temperatures are between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. The climate is influenced by the cold currents of the Pacific Ocean. Fog is formed when the dry, hot air masses of the Californian mainland encounter the damp, cool air of the Pacific. It is often foggy in summer and early autumn. July temperatures are significantly lower than inland California. Winters are mild during the day. Temperatures rarely drop below 15°C. Nights are cool and it rains frequently. In summer, however, rain is rare.

Average temperatures in San Francisco in °C
Month Jan Feb MarchA pr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max 14 16 16 17 17 18 18 19 20 20 17 14
Min 8 9 9 10 10 11 12 13 13 13 11 8

The changeable weather in San Francisco makes it necessary to pack sweaters or all-weather clothing throughout the year. From December to February it is advisable to bring a raincoat or jacket. For trips to the bay, to hilly heights or in the mountains, you should dress warmly in January and don’t forget your coat. Even if California is considered quite casual, people like to see no jeans worn to dinner.

Festivals and events
No matter what time of year you visit the “City by the Bay” – there is always a reason to celebrate. More than 500 events and festivities take place in San Francisco and the surrounding area every year. These range from markets and exhibitions to concerts by international artists.

At the end of January/mid-February, for example, the Chinese New Year festival takes place.

On March 17, San Francisco celebrates St. Patrick’s Day , the national holiday of Ireland, on Market Street.

Cinco de Mayo : On May 5, the Mission District celebrates Mexico’s Independence Day.

In June, Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day is celebrated with a colorful procession, the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade .

In September, the San Francisco Blues Festival – one of the oldest in the USA – takes place.

In October/November, jazz fans will get their money’s worth during the Jazz Festival.

San Francisco, California