Reasons for Studying in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country, everyone knows this much: the people are friendly, the landscape is breathtaking and there is a cozy atmosphere in the small towns. It is not for nothing that it has already been voted one of the countries with the highest quality of life! If you still need good reasons for studying in Sweden, you can just read on here and let yourself be convinced once and for all.

1. High level of education

As a country located in Europe according to travelationary, Sweden has some of the world’s best universities. The education system itself is also considered to be a leader. In rankings such as the Times Higher Education or the Academic Ranking of World Universities, some of the Swedish universities are at the top of the list.

So it is not surprising that many international students come to the country. There are plenty of reasons to study in Sweden, and a high level of education is probably one of the most important.

Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in Sweden. The Nobel Foundation has been awarding the Nobel Prize as the most important academic award in the world for many years. This shows the good quality of research and teaching in the Swedish education sector.

2. No tuition fees

A big factor in planning to study abroad is the tuition fees. The student has to ask himself whether he can afford to stay at the university at all. In Sweden this is very easy to answer: No problem at all! Because Sweden has abolished tuition fees.

This applies at least to students from the EU, the entire European Economic Area and Switzerland. The reason for this is the extreme decline in the number of applicants after the introduction of tuition fees. This was particularly the case with international courses.

3. Almost no language barriers

Students who cannot speak Swedish are still in good hands here, as almost every Swede speaks English. In an international ranking that lists all countries with non-native speakers of English, Sweden is in the top three places.

Most universities, among other things, offer completely English-language courses. Of course, it is still good if the students seek contact with locals, because this is the only way to get to know the country and its people (and certainly also the Swedish language) better.

4. Safe environment

An important criterion for studying in Sweden is that the students feel that they are in good hands here. The country is considered safe, clean and has a high standard of living. The cost of living is a bit higher, but these differences are somewhat offset by the lack of tuition fees for EU citizens.

Students can get from one place to another safely and cheaply by public transport. Buses and trains are reliable and do not necessarily require a car, which for many can also be one of the reasons for studying in Sweden.

5. Unbiased mentality

The Swedes are a very open people. They approach foreign students impartially and receive them warmly. This is one of the good reasons to study in Sweden.

Otherwise they are more liberal. Gender, belief, nationality and other characteristics do not come first for them. This has led to Sweden being considered the “most equal country in the world”.

During their stay abroad in Sweden, students can benefit from this attitude and learn a lot. The universities attach great importance to cooperation and practical relevance. In later professional life, it is certainly beneficial for team cohesion to meet your colleagues with an open mind.

6. Creativity is required

Creativity is the engine that drives the entire education system in Sweden. In Sweden, students are encouraged to develop their strengths and talents much more than to slow down. With fantasy and imagination, tricky situations in later professional life can usually be solved more easily.

During their studies, students learn to question the content creatively, critically and independently. By evaluating information, their ability to form opinions mature and they can express them freely with well-founded knowledge.

Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in the world, not least because a lot of money goes into research work at universities. Many creative and groundbreaking inventions such as the computer mouse, the seat belt in the car or the pacemaker come from here.

7. Environmental awareness is paramount

One of the reasons for studying in Sweden is that the people here are very conscious of the environment. Sweden has even been named the most sustainable country on earth for the use of renewable energies.

Environmentally conscious thinking has now permeated all areas of life, including the education sector. Sweden is the right place for anyone who has chosen a degree with an environmental focus.

The reason for this great environmental awareness is probably due to the breathtaking Scandinavian nature, which with its beautiful landscapes should definitely be protected and preserved. For that reason alone, Sweden is worth a visit!

Reasons for Studying in Sweden