According to, Balneological resort Polyana is located at an altitude of 300-400 meters above sea level, 9 km from the city of Svalyava and 20 km from Mukachevo. There are two large sanatoriums on its territory – “Solnechnoe Zakarpattya” and “Polyana”, as well as private hotels, recreation centers and several separate cottages for a large family or company. Despite the health-improving orientation of the resort, it is ideal for a quiet family vacation in an ecologically clean place, and in the winter season – as a base for beginner skiers.

How to get there

You can get to this “center of health” first by train to Uzhgorod, and then by bus. From other large cities nearby are Ivano-Frankivsk (which also has an airport, but getting from it is not very convenient), Ternopil and Lviv, they also have a bus connection with Polyana. If regular bus services do not suit you, you can first get to Svalyava, and then to the resort itself – by bus or taxi.

Weather in Polyana

The climate here is mild, summers and autumns are warm, and winters usually pass with light frost and a lot of snow. Thus, vacationers have the opportunity to engage in skiing sports in winter, and in summer to swim in an artificial lake, a naturally heated pool or the Malaya Penya River.

Medical profile and services of sanatoriums

The resort’s sanatoriums specialize in the treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive system: peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, erosive gastritis (duodenitis) in the presence of ulcers or erosions, but without acute inflammation requiring immediate surgical intervention. The treatment is based on the use of local mineral waters “Polyana Kvasova” and “Polyana Kupel”, and the main procedure is the use of water inside. Also, for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, washing of the stomach, duodenum and large intestine, general carbonic mineral baths and much more are used.

However, the health programs of the Polyana resorts are not focused solely on ulcers and gastritis. The latter, like many chronic diseases, often entail a whole “bouquet” of diseases, and additional types of treatment make it possible to improve the whole body as a whole, and also provide an opportunity to improve their health for those who come to the sanatorium “for company” (this option is often chosen by married couples). Mineral and coniferous baths, as well as various types of massage and physiotherapy, contribute to the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system; special procedures are provided for solving gynecological problems; respiratory diseases are successfully treated with the help of inhalation, aerosolarium and climatotherapy (on the territory of one of the sanatoriums there is an artificial lake with running water and a recreational arboretum).

Entertainment and attractions in Polyana

As mentioned above, the resort has all the necessary infrastructure, including entertainment, for a comfortable and boring holiday. On the territory of Polyany there is a post office, an Internet cafe, a restaurant and many cafes and bars, a canteen, pharmacies, shops and a market.

A separate local attraction is the mineral water source “Polyana Kvasova”, which is located on the territory of the modern sanatorium “Sunny Transcarpathia”. The source has been known since the 18th century. In Ukraine, mineral waters with natural carbon dioxide are called “kvass”, “kvass”. At first, water from the Polyansky source was exported in barrels, and in 1840 it was already bottled on an industrial scale and exported to Europe under the name Polyanskaya.

This unique water contains several times more hydrocarbons than the world-famous Borjomi, and just one glass of it is enough to get rid of heartburn. This water successfully treats diseases not only of the gastrointestinal tract, but also of the joints.

There are volleyball, badminton and ping-pong tables for fans of sports accompaniment of health programs, and in the sanatorium “Sunny Zakarpattya” there is a football field and tennis courts. In winter, there are lifts for fans of skiing and snowboarding, you can also go sledding and skating.

Experienced skiers are unlikely to be satisfied with the local slopes and the quality of the snow cover. For them, one-day trips to Volovets and Mezhhirya are recommended.

On the day off, you can order a bus tour outside of Polyana – to the cities of Svalyava, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and others. Of the surrounding attractions worth visiting: the Museum of Local Lore and St. Michael’s Church of the 16th century in Svalyava, as well as the Church of St. Peter and Paul in Uklin; in Uzhgorod you can visit the Uzhgorod Castle, the Town Hall, the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, the Regional Art Museum, the Stone Pedestrian Bridge, as well as the Nevitsky Castle, which is 12 km from Uzhgorod.

For those who love extreme sports and magnificent panoramas, hot air balloon flights are organized by a local company.

Polyana, Ukraine