National University of the West (Argentina)

National University of the West (UNO). Public and free university of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the mission of adapting to local and regional needs, and from that identity serve the Nation and the universal progress of knowledge.


By law 26,544 of November 11, 2009, the National University of the West is created. By decree 900/2010 of June 29, 2010, Dr. Marcelo Raúl Ducrós —president of the Rotary Club of Merlo— is designated as Organizing Rector of the Universidad Nacional del Oeste, for a term of four years. The other authorities are: Secretary of Academic Affairs Martín Othacehé (son of Mayor Raúl Othacehé and also a councilor Frente para la Victoria), Secretary of University Extension Adrián Outeda (Secretary of Education of the Municipality of Merlo) and Secretary of Administrative Affairs, also a councilor official Atilio Tarnoczy. In May 2011It was decided that the rectory would begin to function in the building of the old club house of the Ituzaingó Golf Club in the city of San Antonio de Padua at 369 Belgrano Street, in front of the San Antonio de Padua Station.

On September 16, 2011, on the 35th anniversary of La Noche de los Lápices, President Cristina Fernández officially inaugurated the Universidad Nacional del Oeste, where she stated:

“the nine popular universities” created in the country since 2003 and judged that this achievement implies “a strong democratization of university education in Argentina”, which has to be one of the mainstays to recover that country in which the children of the workers could go to university and forge a future and a career and from there forge a different country”

Cristina Fernandez

Due to the lack of building infrastructure, the Universidad del Oeste reached an agreement with the Franciscan Order so that university students study in the facilities of the monastic complex of the Church of San Antonio de Padua, located at Avenida Centenario 1399 in the city of San Antonio de Padua.

In 2013, after the normalization period, the Superior Council elected Martín Alfredo Othacehé, son of the local mayor Raúl Othacehé, as rector.


The University is considered an expression of the national university tradition, with a mission to adapt to local and regional needs, and from that identity serve the Nation and the universal progress of knowledge. It conceives of Higher Education as a human right and a public good of decisive social significance, for which its mission is not exhausted by offering higher education and facilitating access to it, but rather by achieving, with all its members, that it be achieve effectively in people and in the context in which it is necessary to guarantee it.



  • School of Management
    • Bachelor of Administration: 4 years
    • Bachelor of Public Administration: 4 years
  • Ingeniery school
    • Chemical engineering: 5 years
  • school of health sciences
    • Bachelor of Nursing: 5 years
  • Computer school
    • Bachelor of Computer Science: 5 years
  • school of humanities
    • Bachelor of Physical Education: 2 years
    • Bachelor of Educational Management: 2 years

Science and Technology:

Promotion and development of research

With the objective of developing research projects that have a high impact in the region and promote scientific and technological production, the Universidad Nacional del Oeste creates the Secretariat of Science and Technology through resolution No. 443. This Secretariat, in charge of Mg. Juan Carlos Viegas, has the function of promoting institutional policies to accompany national, provincial and regional plans, addressing the following aspects:

  • Research (basic and applied)
  • Transfer to society of the results obtained
  • Postgraduate
  • Application of new technologies in training

National University of the West (Argentina)