Health Insurance for Studying in Sweden

The unexpected often happens – unfortunately this also applies to illness or accidents. If during your stay abroad you actually need medical help or even a visit to the hospital, it has a very calming effect if you have prepared yourself for it. If the worst comes to the worst, students should know about health insurance for studying in Sweden.

Health system in Sweden

The Swedish health system is largely government-funded and decentralized. This means that above all fees and taxes levied by many individual regional bodies such as cities and municipalities cover the costs. This means that responsibility lies with the state as well as with many other bodies. They therefore have more autonomy, but move within the framework of the state guidelines.

There is a social security agreement between Sweden and the member states of the EU. This means that all EU citizens receive the same treatment conditions as Swedish citizens.

European Health Insurance Card

Before a student makes his way to Sweden, he was the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC European Health Insurance Card apply) during its public health insurance. This is located on the back of the personal health card and is valid at the central Swedish health insurance fund, the försäkringskassan.

However, this only covers basic medical care. For many treatments an additional payment has to be made; Dental treatments are not included up to a certain maximum amount. It can therefore be worthwhile to have your teeth checked again by the dentist before going abroad.

Students also have to pay for most medication themselves; but these are usually cheaper than in Germany. Exactly which services are included in basic medical care differs from country to country. It is therefore not possible to precisely quantify the costs and scope.

Reliable health insurance in Sweden

Students must provide proof of existing health insurance when enrolling at a Swedish university. All you have to do is show your European Health Insurance Card.

Who wants to play it safe and avoid co-payments, should in addition to the statutory health insurance to study in Sweden, a private international health insurance to complete. This reduces any costs that may arise and gives you a wider range of services.

If a student becomes ill, he or she can first contact the university’s medical service, if there is one. The alternative is the medical service hotline on 1177, where he can call and describe his problems – the Swedes handle it the same way. Depending on the clinical picture, you will either be sent to the local care center ( vårdcentralen ) or to the doctor. Sometimes a visit to the pharmacy is enough.

In addition to the cost of the medication, there is also a so-called patient or practice fee. This is usually ten to twenty euros and must also be paid by students.

Residence Permit to Study in Sweden

Do I need a residence permit to study in Sweden ? This is one of the basic questions that students have to ask themselves when planning a stay in the country. And what about working alongside your studies ? After all, the cost of living in Scandinavia is not exactly low and extra income would come in very handy.

Citizens of EU member states

As citizens of one of the EU member states, including Germany, students do not need a separate visa or other permits – they automatically have an unlimited right of residence ( uppehållsrätt ). A valid identity card or passport is sufficient to be allowed to stay in Sweden, a country located in Europe according to themeparktour. It is not necessary to register with the nearest migration office ( migrationsverket ).

However, this only applies if the stay has a meaningful background. Examples of this include not only a job but also a degree. In general, it is important to the Swedish state that the person entering the country does not have to worry about it and that they can take care of themselves.

Information about staying in Sweden

Until April 2014, it was also mandatory for EU citizens to apply for a residence permit to study in Sweden if they wanted to stay in the country for more than three months. If you want, you can still officially register now.

The Central Finance Office ( Skatteverket ) is responsible for registering with the residents’ registration office. There, students can apply for a personal number that is used to properly identify each individual citizen. However, you have to be resident in Sweden for more than a year to get such a number.

In addition to their studies, international students are allowed to take up a job without special permission. It doesn’t matter how many hours you do this job. However, studying should always come first.

Many universities offer career services that can help you find a suitable part-time job. But students can also find good jobs on the Internet.

Health Insurance for Studying in Sweden