Gorham, Maine

According to topschoolsintheusa, Gorham, Maine is a town located in Cumberland County, approximately 8 miles northwest of Portland. The town covers an area of about 33 square miles and is bordered by the towns of Windham to the north, Standish to the east, Westbrook to the south and Scarborough to the west. Gorham is situated on a plateau surrounded by hills and forests, offering stunning views of Casco Bay and Sebago Lake.

The landscape of Gorham is mostly rural with rolling hills, lush green fields, and small ponds dotting the landscape. The terrain varies from dense forests with rocky terrain in some areas to marshlands along its coastlines. There are several rivers that run through Gorham including Presumpscot River which flows through downtown as well as Stroudwater River which forms part of its western border with Westbrook.

Gorham has a variety of natural attractions such as wildlife preserves, state parks, and conservation areas that offer opportunities for outdoor recreation including hiking trails, fishing spots, swimming holes and more. The town also has two golf courses – Gorham Country Club and Ledges Golf Club – which provide challenging courses for golfers of all levels.

Climate wise, Gorham enjoys four distinct seasons with mild temperatures throughout most of the year that rarely exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit or drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. Summers are generally warm while winters can be quite cold at times due to its location near the ocean where temperatures tend to be cooler than inland areas.

Overall, Gorham offers an idyllic small-town atmosphere combined with access to some great outdoor recreational activities. With its picturesque views, diverse terrain and pleasant climate it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call Gorham home.

History of Gorham, Maine

Gorham, Maine is a town located in Cumberland County, approximately 8 miles northwest of Portland. It was first settled in 1690 and incorporated as a town in 1764. The area was originally inhabited by Abenaki Native Americans and the name “Gorham” is believed to have originated from the Abenaki word for “place of small stones”.

The early history of Gorham was heavily influenced by its location near the coast which made it an ideal spot for shipping, fishing, and timber production. Shipbuilding became an important industry in Gorham during the late 1700s as well as farming and lumbering operations which helped shape the town’s economy over time.

In 1818, Gorham was home to one of Maine’s first public schools which served students from all over Cumberland County. By 1820, Gorham had become an industrial center with several factories producing textiles and paper goods. It also had a thriving commercial district that included stores, banks, hotels and other businesses that served both locals and visitors alike.

During the Civil War era, Gorham sent many soldiers off to fight in the Union Army including Company E of the 1st Maine Cavalry which was formed there in 1861. The town also played a role in World War II as a manufacturing center for defense equipment such as ammunition boxes and airplane parts.

Today, Gorham is known for its historic architecture ranging from colonial-style homes to Victorian-era buildings that line its streets. It has also become a popular destination for outdoor recreation with several parks offering trails for hiking or biking along with scenic views of Casco Bay and Sebago Lake. All these factors combined make Gorham an ideal place to live or visit!

Economy of Gorham, Maine

Gorham, Maine is a small town located in Cumberland County with a population of 17,500 people. It is an historic town with a rich history of shipbuilding and manufacturing. The economy of Gorham has been driven primarily by small businesses and local industries such as lumber, textiles, and food production. Today, the town boasts of an industrial park which includes several large international companies such as WEX and IDEXX Laboratories. The presence of these large corporations has boosted the local economy by providing jobs to local residents. Additionally, many small businesses have opened up in Gorham over the years that offer goods and services to the community. These include restaurants, retail stores, medical services, recreational activities, auto repair shops, and more. The vibrant downtown area is also home to numerous boutiques and specialty stores that attract tourists from all over New England.

Gorham’s economy is also supported by its proximity to cities like Portland which are major hubs for commerce in Maine. This allows residents to take advantage of the economic opportunities available in larger cities while still enjoying the quality of life provided by living in a smaller community like Gorham. Furthermore, Gorham’s location near the coast means it has access to fresh seafood which provides another source of income for local fishermen and other related businesses. In addition to this traditional industry, there are also opportunities for tech startups as well as other new businesses that can benefit from living in a smaller city with access to larger markets nearby.

Politics in Gorham, Maine

Gorham, Maine is a small town located in Cumberland County with a population of 17,500 people. The town’s politics reflect the values of its citizens, who are mostly independent and moderate in their views. The town is represented by two members of the Maine House of Representatives and one member of the Maine Senate. All three are Democrats. The town also elects its own mayor and board of selectmen every two years. The mayor is responsible for setting the Overall, direction for the town and acting as an advocate for its citizens.

The Town Council is also an important part of Gorham’s politics as it has the authority to pass local ordinances that affect everything from taxation to zoning regulations. While most local matters are handled by the Town Council, some state matters are handled by the state legislature in Augusta. This includes things like education funding and public safety laws.

Gorham citizens take their civic duties seriously and actively participate in local elections to ensure that their voices are heard when it comes to important issues affecting their community. This includes topics such as economic development, public safety, environmental protection, and more. In addition to voting for their representatives in Augusta, Gorham citizens also participate in special elections when necessary such as bond issues or referendums on specific matters that require voter approval before they can be enacted into law.

Overall, Gorham’s politics reflect a commitment towards fiscal responsibility while still providing essential services to its citizens such as public safety initiatives and community programs like youth sports leagues or arts and culture events at local parks or libraries. It is a place where citizens have a strong sense of pride in their community which translates into active participation in local governance through voting and volunteering on boards or committees that work towards improving life in Gorham for everyone who calls it home.