Gasteinertal, Austria

According to A2zgov, the Gasteiner Valley is known primarily as an excellent ski resort. However, here you can not only spend an active holiday in the mountains, skiing, skating, sledding or snowboarding, but also improve your health by visiting local thermal springs. Throughout the year, the Gasteinertal resorts invite tourists to pamper themselves and their bodies with healing treatments, escape from everyday worries and gain positive energy. Alpine baths, rock baths and Gastein salt galleries are especially popular with vacationers. And in addition to the glorious portrait of this valley, you can add a description of the beauties of the local nature, and it really can delight everyone.

Throughout the year, the Gasteinertal resorts invite tourists to pamper themselves and their bodies with healing treatments, escape from everyday worries and gain positive energy.


Two thousand years ago, the Romans drew attention to the healing mineral springs of the valley and began to develop the riches of the region. Thanks to gold mining, a prosperous economic situation has developed here, which contributed to the active development of the region. In the 13th century, the name Gasteinertal first appeared in documents, in 1218 the valley became part of the Duchy of Bavaria, and in 1297 it became the property of the Salzburg bishopric.

Then a series of failures followed: gold reserves were depleted, plague epidemics broke out every now and then, all this did not affect the life of the valley in the best way. However, the renewed interest in mineral springs contributed to the revival of Gasteinertal. In the 20th century, the most intensive development of resorts took place: a railway appeared, lifts were built to the most interesting slopes. Now the valley is also developing due to sports tourism.

Over the years of their existence, many famous personalities have rested in the Gasteinertal resorts: Otto von Bismarck, Schubert, Schopenhauer, Emperor Franz Joseph with his wife and many other representatives of the aristocracy and nobility have been here.

Hotel in Gasteinertalya

Local hotels deserve special mention, they are so comfortable, refined and cozy. Moreover, even hotels marked with four stars are quite consistent with the level of a good five-star hotel. The most popular are hotels with thermal and radon baths, but accommodation in them is very expensive. For tourists with more modest financial resources, guesthouses operate in the vicinity of Gasteinertal.

How to get there

You can get to Gasteinertal by air, by rail, and also by car. The nearest airport is located in Salzburg (96 km), but tourists can fly to the airports of Innsbruck (206 km), Munich (254 km) or Vienna (419 km).

Motorists will get to the Gasteinertal from Salzburg: follow the A10 autobahn, pass Bischofshofen, exit onto the 311 road and drive to the town of Land, then turn onto the road number 167 and head to the destination.

The railway, which passes through Gasteinertal, connects the southern and northern regions of Austria. Stations are located in Bad Hofgastein, Dorfgastein and Bad Gastein, where you can take a taxi to your chosen hotel.

Opportunities for active recreation in winter and summer

In winter, three resorts receive tourists: Bad Gastein, Dorfgastein and Bad Hofgastein. In total, 200 km of pistes function in the valley, of which 117 km are red pistes, 24 km are black pistes. The Kreuzkogel peak, located at 2686 m, is considered the highest point, the elevation difference on the slopes is about 1000 m.

Ski resorts Gasteinertal focused mainly on skiers with a good level of sports training. It is best for beginners to stay in Bad Hofgastein: here the slopes are simpler, and there are plenty of ski schools.

Gasteinertal has adapted family ski areas, carving and mogul trails, as well as freeride areas. There are about 50 rope lifts; most of the slopes are covered by artificial snow systems.

The disadvantages of training trails in the valley include uneven distribution between tourist centers. In addition, not the entire skiing area is united by a single network of lifts, so tourists will have to use public transport to get to know all the slopes.

In the summer, more than 350 km of marked trails are organized for tourists, including several thematic trails (“Geomancy Trail”, “Fairy Tales Trail”). For lovers of cycling, fascinating routes have been laid along the most beautiful places in the valley.

Fans of cultural leisure will not be bored either. A visit to the Klammstein Castle, the mining museums in Beckstein and Angertal, as well as the stalactite cave in the Entreschen Kirche will give you a lot of impressions. If you are lucky enough to be in the Gasteinertal between the beginning of August and the end of October, you can take part in the annual Peasant Autumn celebration. Within the framework of this festival fairs, musical concerts, theatrical performances are held.

3 things to do in Gasteinertal

  1. Give your body and spirit a well-deserved rest and get a boost of new energy in the Gasteinertal thermal baths.
  2. Shop for souvenirs at the craft fair in Bad Gastein.
  3. Add some cultural experiences to your winter adventures and visit the Gasteiner Museum and Montan Museum.

Gasteinertal, Austria