Eilat Travel Guide

Eilat is the best beach destination in Israel. The sunny beach town offers an exotic variety to traditional beach resorts. Eilat combines interesting Israeli culture, warm climate, beautiful beach views and delicious food.


Sun almost every day

Located on the shores of the Red Sea, Eilat enjoys the sun 360 days a year. In addition to sun worship, the resort, located between the desert and the sea, is ideal for water activities and bird watching, and there is no long way to the historical sights of the rest of Israel and neighboring countries.

The almost sun-safe cove of the Red Sea, Eilat, is a popular holiday destination where King Solomon rested his nerves about three thousand years ago. However, the history of the current resort dates back only to the 1970s, when increased tourist flows accelerated the establishment of hotels and other services needed by holidaymakers.

Today, Eilat is a modern destination for water predators. Stunning corals can be admired by diving, snorkeling or on a glass-bottomed boat. In the evenings, the city’s waterfront boulevard is filled with international hustle and bustle, and especially on weekends, locals also descend from the Upper Town and take part in the merriment.

In addition to the beaches, Eilat’s main attraction is the mountains and the underwater observatory.

During your stay in Eilat, you can indulge in wild water activities.

Travel in the spring or fall

Eilat is warm all year round, but the weather is at its best in spring and autumn. During the summer, the average temperature rises to 30 degrees, which is too hot for most travelers. The coldest is in winter, as the average temperature drops to 15 degrees in December – January.

There are rainy days in the sun worshiper’s dream destination in less than 10 years, but the sea breeze cools down especially in winter. By the sea, the days are sunny, the evenings darker and cooler. The seawater temperature will rise to 25 degrees from the end of the year.

During your stay in Eilat

Make the most of the activity on offer

People travel to Eilat primarily for a beach holiday, a food trip and a cultural holiday in the biblical landscapes. Good beaches and clear waters create a good base for water activities, and during a beach holiday in Eilat you can try diving or surfing, for example.

The price level in Eilat is in many respects the level in Finland. However, buses and taxis are cheaper than in Finland. Local products such as Israeli handicrafts and Dead Sea cosmetics are inexpensive souvenirs. Eilat is a VAT-free zone.

Familiarize yourself with the cultural rules

There are a few cultural rules for traveling in Israel that you should familiarize yourself with before you travel. For example, on Fridays, Jews observe the Sabbath, when most destinations stop: then it is not appropriate to work, use electrical appliances, or exercise. Some of the restaurants are also closed in the resorts, in addition to which the shops are closed and public transport does not run normally.

There is also a special Finnish-style kosher rule, which is why it is not appropriate to enjoy dairy and meat products with the same meal. Kosher dishes also do not contain seafood or pork and are hardly served in Israel.

Despite the unstable situation in the country, Eilat in southern Israel is a safe travel destination and there is no reason to be afraid of armed soldiers patrolling the streets. Elsewhere in Israel, the situation is more fragile, but destinations of interest to tourists are relatively calm, so it is worth skipping a visit.



In Eilat you can stay in quality hotels.

Direct flights to Eilat

Eilat is a holiday destination for many travel agents, making it easy to travel there on a package tour.

The destination can also be conveniently reached by direct flights, as Finnair operates from Helsinki to Eilat during the winter season from November to March. Flight time on a direct flight is about five hours, and at its cheapest, flights cost about 200 euros.

Accommodation for many tastes

Eilat’s popularity as a travel destination has also raised the city’s range of accommodation, and hotels in a European-style travel destination meet European standards. Hotels usually offer a kosher breakfast in the Jewish style, so traditional bacon cannot be found in yesterday’s hotel breakfasts.

The level of hygiene in Eilat is good and the people are service-minded, so staying at the destination is comfortable.

In addition to traditional hotels, Eilat also offers affordable hostels and try both inns and local home accommodation. Accommodation is available quite comfortably.

Getting around Eilat

Eilat is divided into a few separate districts, of which the Upper Town is inhabited by locals. There are two hotel areas, one close to the beaches of the city center, the other about ten kilometers away on the famous coral beaches.

Taxis are reasonably priced in Eilat. Drivers should charge according to the meter, but if the meter is not found in the car, it is worth agreeing on the price of the ride in advance. The city also has buses to, for example, coral beaches or the Jordanian border. Renting a car is easy, but the price level corresponds to Finnish prices.



Eilat’s beaches offer many water activities for holidaymakers.

In the water and in the mountains

Thanks to the clear sea, hobbies are the absolute number one activity for those traveling to Eilat. Colorful corals and funny-looking fish provide entertainment for both beginners and more experienced divers. Fewer water beasts can admire the subsurface scenery aboard a glass bottom boat. On the surface, holidaymakers are also transported by pedal boats, kayaks, surfboards and cruise ships. The underwater observatory is one of Eilat’s number one attractions.

As a counterbalance to water activities, it is worth exploring the beautiful surroundings of Eilat. Marked hiking trails lead to the slopes for biblical landscapes. From the red sand mountains you can see the neighboring state of Jordan, which is only a few kilometers away, and in good weather also Egypt, which opens to the west.

Water and land activities are complemented by air as the third element. Eilat is a great place for bird watching, especially in autumn and spring, when migratory birds cross the area.

Excursions make the holiday interesting

You can easily spend an entire week in Eilat, but those who want diversity should definitely visit some of the many destinations in Israel and neighboring countries. The most popular excursions take Christians to holy Jerusalem and the unique Dead Sea.

Eilat’s location, right next to the Jordanian-Egyptian border, also allows access to historical attractions in neighboring countries. The Jordanian rock town of Petra is just a few hours ’drive from Eilat. In addition to the price of a single-entry visa, it is worth spending time and patience on border formalities, as security in the area is taken seriously.



The nearby mountains diversify Eilat’s activities and offer a great day trip destination.

The best activities

  1. Diving
  2. Hiking
  3. Cycling
  4. Snorkeling
  5. Water skiing

Best Excursions

  1. Timna National Park
  2. Hai Bar Yotveta
  3. Petra